emergia is a company with strong social awareness.

Our values are shared by all the companies of the Valora Financial Corporation to which we belong. These values, and the spirit reflected in the social work of our Foundation, the Valora Foundation Corporation, determine our corporate identity.

We are absolutely aware of the impact of our activity in the communities that take us in at every level: social, economic and environmental. Thus, we believe that it is our obligation to promote attitudes, actions and commitments -both individual and collective- that assure the success of the business, but also help building a more sustainable and fairer world for all.

By means of the activity of Valora Foundation Corporation, emergia and all the people that are part of it have the opportunity to come closer to the third sector and give our contribution to society. The involvement of emergia and all their human team in the activity of Valora Foundation Corporation is a core piece of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

In addition, emergia has a Committee of Volunteers comprised by employees that lead social actions in each one of our centers, assuring the success of the campaigns and promoting solidarity and participation in their work mates.

Meet our foundation! Further information in www.fundacionvaloracorp.org

Adherence to the United Nations Global Compact
Global policy for business partners of emergia
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