1. Human Capital

The greatest intangible value of emergia lies in the talent of the people that are part of it. The human and intellectual capital of our team is our best contribution to the continuous improvement of efficiency and efficacy in the company.
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2. Emotional Experience

We have developed our own internal culture, emotional experience.
Our management model focuses on emotional management, leaving behind the mere concept of contact management.
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3. Know-How

In emergia we have own development solutions, with strategic approach, based on the DIKW triangle and the accumulated know-how acumulat. With global parameterizable solutions and ad hoc solutions, we work on well-driven and comprehensive actions.
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4. Our Approach

Should we work with efficacy (achievements) or efficiency (means)? We must find the optimum balance, which in emergia we have called effiquality. Our approach, which goes from our methodology to our recommendations in the relation with final customers, aims at achieving a dynamic point that is not necessarily located in the middle.
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5. Unique Methodology

Our EPM (emergia performance management) methodology, certified in the norm ISO9001:2008, is the backbone that provides us a regulated way of working, based on standards, and especially an accumulated experience.
Using a suitable methodology, we reduce risks while assuring quality.
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6. Infrastructure

In emergia we intend to offer an excellent life quality and comfort to the people in our team by means of facilities, services and pleasant and healthy working stations.
We invest on infrastructure provided with lead-edge technology, in cozy surroundings for people, turning our delegations into high yielding and operative excellence centers.
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