Active Listening Procedures
Omni-channeling Management of detractors
Shift Left   Accessibility
Resolution at first contact

Application of the empulse program
Improvement of 12 points in the NPS® in telephone attention service of the residential market of an important multinational, in a period of 3 months.

One of the most outstanding levers was the management of FCR, which improved 10 points in 12 months.
This service was provided by a team of approximately 250 professionals.
Application of the enpp program
Portfolio management under the Efficuality approach

Improvement of 26 points in the NPS® of a client portfolio of 90.000 professionals in 3 months. We managed to raise the indicator over the mean of the NPS® of the sector, being one of the companies with the lowest values.
Besides the improvement of different indicators, we highlight the decrease of 3 points in the Churn Rate, in a period of 5 months.