Efficacy is oriented towards achieving objectives, considering quality but disregarding the cost or the use or misuse of resources. Efficiency is the criterion that shows the ability to produce the maximum of results with the minimum of resources.

Effectiveness could be defined as the relation between efficacy and efficiency; in emergia we have given this concept the name of effiquality or optimum balance point. Our approach, which goes from our methodology to our recommendations in the relation with final customers, aims at achieving a dynamic point that is not necessarily located in the middle.

Should we work with efficacy (achievements) or efficiency (means)?

We must find the optimum balance, or effiquality, which is dynamic (not necessarily located in the middle point)"

There are many variables that must be defined and redefined in a process of continuous improvement focused on effiquality. This applies to any point of the value chain with direct impact on the business.

If we focus on some of the points that should be thoroughly analyzed in relation to customer service, we could think of the examples:
  • Choosing the contact channels available for our customers
  • Definition of the relation between the support provided in the different channels (multi-channeling vs omni-channeling)
  • Achieving the specialization of the professionals in customer service
  • Levels of customization
  • Orientation of customer experience: actions, levels, measurement methodology, resources, etc.
  • Etc.