Our way of working, unique and robust, but with the agility and flexibility required by each project, is a key element of our success.

Our methodology or EPM (emergia performance management) is the backbone that provides us a regulated way of working, based on standards, and especially accumulated experience. This is not about meeting a closed standard because we intend to go beyond the expected.

By using a suitable methodology, we reduce risks while assuring effiquality.

The approach is 360º, and encompasses any process within our organization, either if it is of internal corporate nature or a typical process of the services offered. The ultimate objective is generating value by aligning the projects with the business strategy and by efficient management.

Main characteristics of our EPM model:
  • Performance model certified in the norm ISO9001:2008 (last re-certification in October 2015).
  • Considers internationally recognized norms, with special emphasis on COPC®. emergia has coordinators registered in COPC® CSP Standard in representative positions and roles.
  • Our organizational structure has local presence in all the centers of Technical and Performance managers.

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