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Everything started in 2005, with the clear objective of creating a new type of company…

In April, our first center was born in Hospitalet, (Barcelona), with 1430m2 and almost 200 operation positions. This was the beginning of our first strategic relationship with one of the most important daily press companies in Spain. Nowadays, they still trust us, adding great milestones and successes based on joint cooperation.

In November, we began our first expansion in Madrid, with a center in Atocha of 1300m2 and around 250 operation positions.

We crossed borders. Upon our customers’ request, we expanded our presence to Latin America with our first center in Chile, in the city of Santiago de Chile, with 1260m2 and more than 300 operation positions.

We continued to grow in Spain, starting a fruitful relation of consulting & customer care with one of the most important telecommunications company in Spain. Presently, this relation is still achieving important results. Our new center is located in Alcobendas (Madrid), with 1900m2 and around 300 operation positions.

We kept on growing in Santiago de Chile with the opening of a second delegation in January. This delegation has more than 730m2 and approximately 200 operation positions.

In August, the expansion in Chile ended with our third delegation of 1220m2 and around 250 operation positions.

With the opening of a commercial office in Florida, emergia expanded their challenges to the market in USA.

We continued our expansion in Spain with the opening of a center in Cordoba in December, with 1360m2 and more than 400 operation positions.
The soundness and growing development of emergia led us to one of our biggest stakes, hand in hand with one of our most important clients in our history. In May, our remarkable delegation in Colombia was born in the city of Manizales, with more than 7200m2 and around 1500 operation positons.

In September this same year, we continued our exponential growth in Spain, with the opening of a high-value structure delegation in the city of Tarrasa, in the province of Barcelona. This is the beginning of a sound relationship with one of our great clients, one of the leading companies in the energy sector. This relation is still improving day by day in a surrounding of operative excellence. Its dimensions are 1700m2 and more than 300 operation positions.

The great success of our operation in Cordoba made us grow, widening our capacity in a building nearby. This expansion has almost 500m2 and 100 operation positions.
We kept on expanding frontiers, starting our first relation with a client in the USA’s market in June, from Managua (Nicaragua). The capacity is 3000m2 and 275 operation positions.

The constant growth of our operation in the center of Hospitalet led us to move our headquarters to bigger facilities with better physical and technological conditions. Thus, in August we opened our new headquarters in the technological complex of 22@ in Barcelona. We are proud to say that this transition had no impact on the services or the team. The capacity now is 3375m2, distributed in 4 operation plants and more than 500 operation positions.

The success and stakes in Colombia continued with the opening of a second delegation in the city of Manizales, with a capacity of more than 1800m2 and around 400 operation positions.

Simultaneously, we continued to widen the operation in the USA, now from Dominican Republic, in Santo Domingo. This meant the beginning of a close value relationship with one of the leaders in the American Telco & Media sector. Our capacity in this new location is above 1300m2 and approximately 400 operation positions.

The quick growth experienced in the Spanish market led us to expand our facilities in Madrid in the month of June, with a new office for the capital district. This added up to the two operative centers that emergia has in the city to hold our Management and structure teams.

In July, our wide and satisfactory experience led us to continue growing in Colombia, with a new office in the city of Medellin. The capacity is above 6000m2 and 150 operation positions. In this same month, we moved the operation from Madrid to the facilities in La Gavia, gaining in infrastructure and comfort.

On December 27, at 10 in the morning we received our first call in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This would be the starting point of our relationship with the leading integrated telecommunications operator in Spain. The capacity is 2700m2 and more than 400 operation positions.

Our bet on Colombia for the Spanish offshore market, the Hispanic market in USA and the local market, resulted in the opening of our amazing delegation in Medellin (Sabaneta) in November. It has an area close to 4.000m2 and around 500 operating positions.