CV emergia Customer Care

Personal Information

Last Name: Customer Care
Date of Birth: May 1st, 2005
Contact information
Contact Us
If you wish to participate in a recruitment process at any emergia Group Entity located outside of Spain, you can directly send your resume to the address selection of the aforementioned entities. The recruitment process will directly be managed by the entities receiving the information for the corresponding work places.
Professional Experience

In emergia we work with a team of professionals dedicated to managing the relationships other companies have with their clients. We interact with the clients of companies that hire us through last generation contact centers.


We consider it to be fundamental to support our workers through initial and continuous training which will help them grow within the company.


We empower the virtues and correct the weaknesses of our personnel in order to offer a service and customer experience that is better every day.


We always maintain a work dynamic that is focused on cooperation, directing our individual efforts towards collective goals.

Future Projection

We want for our workers to find their future in emergia, so internal promotions and the development of a career plan are in the agenda.

Why emergia?
  • Because we bet on well performed work,
  • Because we try to continuously improve,
  • Because we care about people, because we help each other and…
Because we know that not everything is perfect,
But we fight to achieve it someday…