We basically work with PEOPLE

In emergia you will find people who relate day after day in many different ways. Most interactions are given by telephone, speaking daily with all kinds of people for different reasons: to answer your questions, offer a new product, a survey ... In short, we are dedicated to something as complex and as simple as customer service.

Our great ally when it comes to performing this important task is COMMON SENSE
We all like to be treated nicely, to be spoken to correctly, for our problems to be solved or to be offered interesting options ... in the end, for others to be kind and considerate with us. Well that is what we do. Interact in the best possible way with people who, like us, have needs and expectations. It is not always an easy task, but that’s also where our challenge is…

What do we expect from you?
  • Be proactive: Take initiative and solve problems. Use a positive and determined language.
  • Be creative: Try to explore and learn. Become better every day. Empower your imagination. The future is in our ideas.
  • Be motivated: Show interest for your work. Set your own goals and feel the immense satisfaction of achieving them.
  • Share: Participate in a good communication. If you don´t agree with something, tell us about it. Bet on cooperation.
  • Make an effort: At the right place and time. Develop your career plan.
  • Show respect: The effort of your peers. Keep your commitments (schedules, objectives, regulations). Take care of your workplace, your materials and your image.