1. Interactive Contact Center

The relation with customers has evolved in interactive contact centers, in a scenario of omni-channeling.
Come ahead your competitors by our experienced hand.
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2. BPO

emergia encompasses the BPO related to customer contact in the “interactive CC” business line. Our bpo business line comprehends the remaining existing processes.
We are in charge of specializing and optimizing the processes that are different from your core business.
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3. Consulting

emergia, specialized in collaborative consultancy of business processes, puts at the service of other organizations its vast, contrasted and approved know-how in Customer Experience and Contact Center.
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4. Field Marketing

In face-to-face, we design programs and inject field marketing sales forces and equipment with the purpose of improving the final customer experience by means of a proper communication, a satisfying service and profitable relationships. The aim: attracting new customers to the brand, making them loyal and increasing their value.
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