In face-to-face, we design programs and inject field marketing sales forces and equipment with the purpose of improving the final customer experience by means of a proper communication, a satisfying service and profitable relationships. The aim: attracting new customers to the brand, making them loyal and increasing their value.

Our services are meant for companies:
a) That are customer-oriented with objectives in training, retention and loyalty building
b) Who participate in categories where the role of advertisement or sales point can make the purchase safer and more reliable, developing bonds with their target.
c) Where knowing the customer and building long-lasting relations have a relevant role in the creation of competitive advantage.

We can state that marketing communication has four objectives:
  1. awaken the needs in the target.
  2. disseminate the brand message.
  3. create attitudes and links between brands and their target.
  4. induce trial or purchase.
    committed to the marketing objectives of our clients and to the respect their positioning and brand image deserve
Field Marketing may contribute to each objective thanks to its special capacity to:
  • draw attention with vast creative resources and audiovisual media
  • generate learning in the customer by having more high quality exhibition time
  • accept the lessons learned as true due to the personal character of the contact

Field Marketing activities are grouped into four types according to the intended purpose: