Multichannel integration (Omni-channeling) and dynamic segmentation are necessary to back up the growth strategies. emergia has developed solutions oriented towards a direct portfolio management in order to turn our relationship with customers into a strategic asset, with a quantifiable ROI and focused on loyalty.

We have solutions focused to the exclusive management of an appointed customers´ portfolio, and solutions of first executive level between final customer and personal manager, based on the acquired know-how and the active and direct participation of the developed strategies. These solutions are the best representatives of the combination of emergia´s strategic differentials, and they combine the best practices generated in different aspects, relevant to be considered in its definition:
  • Consistent integral multichannel (Omni-channeling), including online support and new technologies
  • Adaptation criteria for the objective market
  • Customization vs Specialization
  • Management of business processes, with elevated resolution capacity
  • Techniques for the insurance of the acquired commitments with the final customer
  • The satisfaction of our customers as our axis
  • Dynamic segmentation for consistent strategies and measurable results
  • Big Data or smart and valuable exploitation of data

Conceptual example of portfolio management