Interaction and communication 2.0 between brands and their customers and/or potential customers is already a reality that forces organizations to be present in this dialogue. In emergia we have developed solutions focused on covering both, monitoring 2.0 as well as customer service 2.0, independently or in combination.

With the Social Media Monitoring solution, we can monitor your brand, products and/or services, industry and competition in the social networks. The definition of objectives is key for an appropriate parameterization and execution, but the possible goals are many in function of the project´s characteristics.

Just to name some action scopes:

  • Business opportunities and prospection
  • Innovation and/or improvement of products and services, based on the direct feedback of your final customers
  • Identification of influence makers and/or detractors
  • Direct competition and sectoral information
  • New trends
  • Prevention of online crisis over your brand
  • Etc.
The statistics regarding the use of social networks are the most dynamic ones, and it is risky to publish information due to the risk of becoming obsolete on the short term. And with a tendency to increase. But for the mid 2013 we can say that:

  92% of the users make purchases based on the comments of other clients”     50% of people follow brands in social networks”
  75% of companies already use Twitter as a commercialization channel”     36% of social users publish contents related to brands”

With the Social Media Response solution, “listening” is just the beginning; we seek to give answers to our customers, as one extra channel of relationship with them.

This way, we incorporate segmentation, workflows, prioritization, categorization, writing, reporting and gatekeeper or validation functions, among others. Having an active presence in the social networks has a lot of benefits, but it requires a previous and consistent plan and strategy in order to achieve the expected results. We must define from the basics - such as the image we want to project through the language we use as well as courtesy formulas, service hours and the policy to “follow” or not our followers - to the more complex strategies related to the update guidelines when facing potential crises or the treatment of users´ influence.