A key point in electronic commerce is the humanization of the channel and, in general, an online strategy that will provide a good purchase experience.
The experience of emergia with purely online businesses, together with our on&off services, make us a trusting partner for the design and execution of a satisfying relationship with your clients .

The point is not to guide us exclusively to the handling of incidents, since customer service should be understood as a service that will boost sales. Trust and Conversion are the two objectives over which the relationship model should be built.

Our most relevant suite of solutions for this industry can be classified in four large categories:
  • Social Media: We have integral or modular programs that go from the monitoring or mystery 2.0 to the direct interaction as a customer service channel.
  • Comercial Support: Omni-channel integral management of all the cycle of e-sale and the purchase experience.
  • Online experience: Design, analysis and improvement proposals for processes quality, usability, user satisfaction and efficiency on the generation of leads and conversions.
  • Fraud detection and prevention: From all the existing perspectives (internal, external and social).
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