The trust that important bank entities, ranked among the best of final client satisfaction, have on emergia, is our most relevant indicator on the levels of quality we offer.
The banking sector is one of the most developed and specialized within our organization, in which we cover the complete life cycle of the client.

The specialization of products and services in this industry, in addition to its requirements in confidentiality and security, place it as one of the most demanding sectors.

The final client is the main axis of our strategy and business model and it is the base for our sustainability. Customer Experience is a necessity to develop in the whole organization. Improvements in segmentation, in the use of Omni-channeling, in the customizing of products and services, the sustained generation of trust… are some of the examples that must be considered in customer service for this vertical.
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The Spanish banking industry started a process of deep re-structuring since 2009 which leads to a series of impacts that revert directly on the final customer, as a product of the integration processes, highlighting the human and technological ones. The context of economic pressure forces the development of important effectiveness or effiquality strategies, in the search for the optimal point of equilibrium between efficiency and effectiveness.

In LATAM, banks typically use social networks as their communication and product promotion mean, but the majority of these networks do not achieve a relevant relationship with the clients. According to the report “Evolution and Use of Social Networks in the Banking Industry in LATAM 2010-2012” (IZO), the industry currently presents a Negative Reputation, with a constant increase of claims or complains in the Social Web. In general, they do not achieve positive closings through the social networks.