The specialization of the products and services of this industry, added to the demands of its legal, confidentiality and security requirements, place it as one of the most demanding sectors. emergia has a large know-how in the insurance industry, both in the wide offer of existing general insurance policies as well as in life insurance policies

The market is characterized by a strong competitive environment. There is a wide offer and users seek wider coverage for lower prices.

The context of the industry forces a high level of demand in its interaction with its clients, transforming them into value.
retention recovery Office Support in Insurance Matters tele-concertation of visits lead generation Online support (call me now/video agent) Phone services for the insured AGRARIAN – HEALTH – LEGAL – DENTAL – HOSPITALIZATION – ACCIDENTS – LIFE – HOME – PENSION PLANS – CAR

Some of the strategies that must be present are:
  • omni-channeling, with a common strategy from the online channels to the agency network
  • innovative spirit in the business products and models, listening to the voice of its objective market
  • recruiting through alliances with qualified sponsors
  • specific actions of attachment in order to increase the loyalty of the insured
  • improvement of the processes in the search of a higher operational efficiency
  • etc.