Distribution companies are one of the main engines of the economy. Consumers have evolved and now demand a bi-directional communication with the brands. The important issue is no longer the product or the service being sold. This way, an important possibility of differentiation is customer service.

Commerce companies are aware that their presence and participation on the Internet is not limited to the social networks but extends to forums, blogs and user communities. The so called prosumers are served today by this information 2.0 for their purchase decisions, they share their own experiences and they know their rights. Omni-channel service to the buyer is a necessity.

We must know our consumers, their needs, expectations, purchase experience, reasons for purchase, etc. The differentiation in the customer loyalty programs is also a highly relevant aspect. Buyers demand recognition for their loyalty, customized advantages and special treatment. They must be defined as a clear investment for the brands and not as a necessary cost.
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Integrating the new technologies in the purchase process and achieving an emotional tie from the consumers, are the main bases of the commercial model. In emergia we have wide possibilities of cooperation in different scopes: Strategic, like the monitoring and management of social networks, purchase experience programs or laboratories of market studies. And tactical, like the information management, follow up of the supply chain and remote management of orders.