The tourism industry includes a very diverse range of sub-sectors (restoration, operators, leisure, transportation, accommodations…). However, they all have in common the need to design their relationship strategies with the maximum purpose of achieving a good experience for the tourists on the different destinations and/or services they use.

“tourism is not only based on the touristic attraction, but also on the experience the tourist has through the services he or she hires”.

A good design of the relationship models in the whole map of the client´s life cycle (information, reservations, incidents, complains, lost&found, social media…) is one of the most important challenges the industry faces.

There are many key aspects to keep in mind for the whole strategy, which include:
  • omni-channeling options aligned with our targe
  • languages offered
  • accessibility
  • marked seasonality
  • agility
  • operational efficiency
  • trust and customization of the 2.0 channels
  • boost of sales and cross-selling
  • recommendation
  • measurement and action over satisfaction and experience
  • ensuring customer loyalty
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