It is a strategic sector for any country, an essential piece of the productive economy. It is going through important changes, both because of its regulatory surroundings as well as for the situation of liberalization and growing competition. Additionally, technological innovation and the development of renewable energies are transforming the industry.

The market is more diversified every day and it requires a bigger focus on the client, which implies an important need for loyalty and segmentation, with a well-defined strategy related to the management of the client´s experience.

The clients are demanding more information to compare, with the consequent demand of services and coverages, which are more customized and have more added value every day.

In emergia, we have wide experience in sectors such as the energetic industry, from the interaction through the most traditional channels to channels such as online (web), chat or twitter. From an integral Omni-channel perspective and a change strategy based on client experience programs, both B2C and B2B.
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