emergia is owned in its majority by the Valora Financial Corporation, through its Private Equity Division.

The Valora Financial Corporation was constituted under such name in 2001, but started its activities in 1998 through the different companies that form it.

The Corporation channels its investments through a threefold made up by its Financial, Real Estate and Private Equity divisions. 

The mission of the Valora Financial Corporation focuses on the generation of new business opportunities through the re-investment of the benefits obtained by the companies that form it, therefore diversifying the risks and fulfilling the goal of preserving and increasing its patrimony. All this, in an effort to increase its solidity even more, contributing not only to the stability of its companies and clients, but also, as a consequence, to the generation of multiple job posts, the growth of the Spanish economy and the creation of new business opportunities in different industries.

On the other hand, given its prominent worldwide presence, the Corporation also promotes the international development of the country´s commercial activities.

The values that guide each one of the activities and decisions of the Valora Financial Corporation are: profitability, success, welfare, responsibility, transparence, experience and projection. These concepts guide the Corporation in the path to follow, defined by its mission.